Tuesday, 10 November 2015



For those who are reading this for the first time allow me to introduce myself. I'm Matt, a craft beer and travel addict. I am currently in the fortunate position of being employed in job which sends me round the world on business. Having just returned from a mad jaunt including, among other places, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Norway I decided to keep a blog of the various places I'm visiting on my travels and write about good beer joints, breweries and other things worth checking out in the hope of making interesting reading and recording my adventures for future posterity.

In time I'd like to talk about which places in the world are worth visiting specifically to check out the beer scene and to try to illuminate the fascinating world of craft brewers, home brewers and craft beer bar owners. I'm also planning to try to highlight some environmental concerns I've become aware of long the way.

So who knows where this journey will take me but if nothing else it will give me something to do in the endless tedious hours waiting in airport lounges.

Oh and speaking of airport lounges here's the first bit of travel feedback - the only airport lounge I've been in which serves craft beer is Brisbane in Australia! Certainly better than the myriad of mediocre offerings of bland lager in most of airport lounges. I've yet to find an airline serving craft in the air but will let you know if I do.

Peace out and please remember to drink and travel responsibly!

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